TV Airtime Buying

We purchase TV Airtime nationwide and globally. The two most important keys to a successful media campaign are experience and market knowledge. Let our multi-million dollar buying power go to work for you. What are your goals? Which markets do you seek for broadcasting? Each client is unique. We will tailor a plan to fit within your budget for maximum exposure. By identifying your “Cost Per Response” we’re able to deliver a formula which provides ROI in a shorter amount of time.

Radio Airtime Buying

Radio remains the #1 outlet to reach the U.S. population. Our radio buyers rely on decades of insider knowledge and trusted relationships. We’ve helped thousands of clients promote their business or service and expand into new markets. Our clients are financial advisors, realtors, churches, surgeons and lawyers, to name a few. Through our programs, they become the trusted expert in their market and beyond with a weekly program.

Program Production

Our agency provides full service, turnkey radio production to drive high quality leads to seek you. Technology allows us to easily connect with you to record weekly programs without you having to leave the comfort of your office. We will record and edit together a fresh weekly program for your ministry or business. This requires only a small amount of your time and low cost audio equipment. You work with our co-hosts who make you the celebrity in your market with a custom show.

Religious Programs

The Ministry/Non-Profit branch of our agency works with religious programming on both Christian and secular networks. Navigating Christion radio is our specialty. We pride ourselves in being able to negotiate fair rates for our clients. Christian Broadcast Media dates back decades and we were there from the beginning. We place some of the most prominent ministries in the U.S. and abroad. Understanding the need to be good stewards we work overtime to provide you with the best airtime rates on the planet.

Results Driven Infomercials

Whether you have an existing program or just a concept, TV Radio Airtime will expand or develop your message. Do you have an infomercial idea? TV Radio Airtime will partner with you to market the product from the ground floor. A complete menu of services means one-stop media shopping to generate sales. Ingestibles, self-help, work from home, you name it & we place it.

We want to hear from you

What can we help you with? We are more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns before we get started.