National Networks
The Church Channel
Most Bang for the Buck $1200-$2000
WORD Network
$800-$2,400 - 82 Million HH
Travel Channel
$3,000 - 87 Million Homes
ION Network
$4,500 - 96 Million Homes
FOX Business Channel
$450-$4,000-64 Million HH's

TBN UK, CBS Reality UK
On Freeview!
Middle East - Starworld, METV, God TV
India - Zee TV
Africa - DSTV & Many Stations
Philippines - NBN (PTV4)
Australia - NET 7, 10, 4ME
New Zealand - TV1, TV3, Prime

A Savvy Media Buyer is Critical to your Success

How do we obtain the best rates for you?

After more than 3 decades in media we have experience, relationships and buying power. Our model for success is simple: The Mass Media Group provides competitive rates, strategy and superior service. Media buying requires a tremendous amount of effort to insure you receive the most bang for the buck.

We don't just buy TV & Radio airtime- We own it and in some cases control it. Every market on the globe is affordable and accessible via our network of broadcast partners.

Current Airtime Specials

Starter TV Package The Church Channel--TBN Owned
Fully Produced Show Dish Network, DirecTV + Cable
National Network 65 Million Homes
$1,000 Per Week $1,475 per 30 minutes

Discovery Channel NRB Network-DirecTV 21 Million HH
100 Million Homes Religious Programming
$5,000 per airing As low as $250 per 1/2 hour

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